Before today i bet when you thought of the name AMBER ROSE you thought of Kanye’s Ex, a past stripper and current celebrity personality. Well you wouldn’t be completely wrong, but what you probably didn’t know is there is a second AMBER, ENTER AMBER ROSE KELLY! This upcoming country star is currently in a legal pursuit with fellow AMBER ROSE over who owns the rights to the name! I KNOW RIGHT THEY ARE BOTH FIGHTING OVER THE SAME NAME… HILARIOUS! But not so funny for AMBER ROSE as AMBER ROSE KELLY claims she is the rightful celebrity status to the name and prior to 2009 she was the only recognized AMBER ROSE! WELL as these AMBER’S HEAT UP we will have to wait and see which AMBER REIGNS SUPREME… THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!

Amber Rose and Amber Rose Kelly

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